Carl Childress on keeping your concentration on the bases

It took me a little while to become a Carl Childress fan – now I can’t get enough of the guy. This is from Carl’s site:
Losing concentration is easy for base umpires.
Sometimes you’ll find yourself worrying whether there are sufficient funds to cover the last check you wrote. Sometimes you may be distracted by an exceptionally pretty girl or boy (I do have female readers: Don’t get smart!) in the stands. A clever rag may catch your ear. Or you may simply doze off because you haven’t had a call in three innings.
One technique that’s worked for my students is this: Become the manager of each team in turn: bunt situation, substitute, change pitchers, steal, run and hit, hit and run, take some pitches, play in, set up for the double play, walk him, etc. Besides getting your mind off your bank account and back on baseball, that practice will sometimes help you anticipate a play. 

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