So I came across this on Umpire-Empire today, and it looked like such a good idea that I’m ordering a copy. You can never have too many rule books, right? Here’s how one of the authors describes RulesGraphics:

Idea was to take all pertinent information about a rule (rule book language, sample plays, key points, pictures – which by the way were done by a professional artist and are awesome) and put them all on one page. Then we organize the pages in an easy to follow manner.

Think Infographics but for baseball rules.

Sounds good to me. Check it out at

An umpire blogger who is NOT taking the winter off…

I have really slacked off on my blogging, as I do, I guess, every winter. I received a copy of Jim Evans’ Maximizing The Two Umpire System for Christmas and had planned on using that to jump start my writing. I will still do so but,  for today, wanted to share a blog that I have been reading the past few days: johnperrettaproumpireschool2015.

I came across this on umpire-empire (ump-emp) and it’s great reading. John is blogging about his current on-going experience at The Umpire School in Vero Beach, FL on  day by day basis. It’s only Day 3, so it’s a good time to jump on board and follow the 4 week program.

Thanks very much John – good luck and enjoy the experience!

Stay on the catcher’s right hip

Here’s another great training video from NJSAB. I always remember that I have to stay on ONE of the catcher’s hips. 2015 POE – remember which hip!

Video of me

I worked an evaluation  game a couple of weeks ago and, in addition to valuable in-game feedback from a D-1 umpire, received this edited, custom video. The guys at NJSAB do a great job of providing on going education for their members. I’m at my best between 22:00 and 24:00

Rooting for the Royals!

The last time I paid any attention to the Kansas City Royals, Chris Chambliss was barreling his way around the bases, Freddie Patek (or was it Cookie Rojas?) was crying in the dugout, George Brett was seething about something, and the Yankees were winning the series. About the time the Royals finally won one, my obsession with baseball was turning into merely fanaticism.  Over the next looong bunch of years, I became a casual fan at best.  Giving my Met-fan friends a hard time and listening to Mike and The Dog kept me connected, but I probably didn’t watch a complete baseball game for a full 20 year stretch.  Since I started umpiring a few years back,  I’ve re-discovered my enjoyment of the game. I love having the best seat in the house for over 100 games a year, but still don’t stay with a pro game for more than a batter or two. I honestly couldn’t tell you who won last year’s World Series.  But now, after all of these years – here come the Kansas City Royals!

In the 2013 draft, Livingston’s own Frank Schwindel was drafted out of St. John’s by the Royals. He’s played the last two years in Idaho Falls, Lexington, KY and Wilmington, DE, moving up to AA at the end of this season. I know Frank’s family, and it’s been exciting to follow his progress. But, most of all – it gives me a horse in the race!

Let’s go Royals! When’s the 1st game?


A great job of adjusting on the fly by MLB umpire Jim Wolf

They tell us to stay with the catcher’s inside back pocket and this is a great example

The steal of 2nd from B

Here’s a video I just came across from the NJSAB July 4th clinic (that I was NOT able to attend). It talks about a change in the approach to taking the steal at 2nd from B. I always find that I am screened on a close steal, and I tried this technique my last couple of games. I definitly got better looks, but I found myself moving when I was making the call. I will practice and that will make prefect

The magic baseball…

Umpire’s Wet Dream

So my spring/summer 2014 ended (probably) on a high note – a 12 minute, 1 inning continuation game. As those of use who umpire know, it all evens out in the end. For every 1 hour 20 minute 1-0 gem, there is an 18-9 2:35 stinker. For every time we call a game for torrential rain after an inning, there is a game where we sit around and wait out thunder.  This one was great – a 1-2-3 top of 7 followed by a reached-on-error, steal of 2nd, steal of 3rd, score on a ground ball. Long walk across the lot, a few minutes of chatting with my partner, and in the car 16 minutes after first pitch. Hopefully, I’ve already had the extra inning marathon that this one matches up with!