Pitchers’ Glove and Uniform Restrictions

Here are a few things that do actually come up and that I definitely want to know as well as any coach out there.

This is FED 1-4-2

For individual players, uniform sleeve lengths may vary. However, sleeves of each individual player shall be approximately the same length and shall not be ragged, frayed or slit. If the pitcher’s undershirt sleeves are exposed, they shall not be white or gray. A pitcher shall not wear any item on his hands, wrists or arms which may be distracting to the batter. A pitcher shall not wear white or gray exposed undershirt sleeves or any white or gray sleeve that extends below the elbow. A vest and coordinating shirt that is worn underneath is viewed as a type of uniform top.

and from the casebook:


Team A wears the new vest-type jersey. The school’s colors are red and white. Its road uniform top is red, with a white undershirt. The pitcher is wearing this uniform. (a) The sleeve of the white shirt does not extend beyond his elbow or (b) He is wearing a long-sleeved, white-compression shirt that extends beyond the elbow.

RULING: Legal in (a), illegal in (b).


Team A wears its gray road traditional sleeved jerseys. The sleeves of the jersey extend beyond the pitcher’s elbow.

RULING: This is an illegal jersey for the pitcher.

OBR – I could not find a rule addressing, specifically, pitchers sleeve colors – other than 1.11:

(2) Any part of an undershirt exposed to view shall be of a uniform solid color for all players on a team. Any player other than the pitcher may have numbers, letters, insignia attached to the sleeve of the undershirt

I have to check the BRD on this one.


* Pitcher can’t wear white or grey below the elbow (FED) and I should remove anything “distracting”  . I guess, in OBR, that white or grey is OK if the whole team is wearing it. 

And this is FED 1-3-6

Gloves/mitts made of leather shall be worn by all fielders and not be altered to create an adhesive, sticky, and/or tacky surface. The glove/mitt worn by the catcher may be any size. The glove/mitt worn by the pitcher that includes the colors white and/or gray shall be removed from the game upon discovery by either team and/or umpire. 

Here’s OBR 1.15

(a) The pitcher’s glove may not, exclusive of piping, be white, gray, nor, in the judgment of an umpire, distracting in any manner


* No white or grey on pitchers glove 

* In FED, any fielder shall wear a glove or mitt. In OBR, catcher and F3 may wear a glove or a mitt; all other fielders may use a glove (so, by rule, required in FED and permitted in OBR I guess)


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