Baseball or softball? Big field or small? 6 every weekend?

The questions abound. For the last 2 years, I have had a pretty full high school schedule – I was getting out of work early enough to do 4PM games almost every weekday.  So by this time, I’d have 40 games on my schedule. This year, I will do Mondays only. And, just to stay in the loop, I’ve kind of screwed up my Saturdays by taking High School games Saturday mornings.

 I saw “screwed up”, because the high school games, from Steve and Alex, are one-way-rigid.  What I mean is that once I accepted them, I am locked in. There’s no giving the game away if I don’t want to do it. With almost every other game, I just have to make sure its covered. And I know plenty of really good umpires (gary herman, ray mosso, john lezak and many more) who will cover a game. So I will certainly miss out on a few Saturday doubleheaders becuase I’m locked into a HS game – which could cancel the day before. But, I guess because I love the big field and the High School level of play, I want to stay involved.

As for softball,  I’ll guess that  I’ll do less then 15% softball this year.  I just like the game and all that goes with it better – even at 2:45. Maybe BBCOR will speed it up.

First game is in a couple of weeks.


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