Last Chance Umpire Class and Clinic, Mine Hill, Morris County NJ

Last chance to start the umpire class or clinic in Mine Hill, Morris County

I mentioned earlier that the guys at All County Assigning are holding a weekly series of umpire classes in Mine Hill, NJ on Wednesday nights. Due to the explosion of travel baseball andl softball, there is a need for trained baseball and softball umpire in Morris and Sussex County and throughout NJ.  The All County class is designed for experienced “big field” umpires who want to better undertand the small field rules and mechanics, but is also a necessary 1st step for anyone wanting to become an umpire in NJ. And if you take the class starting tonight (February 29), you will be able to work games this year!

While every umpire I know loves being out there, it is also a good solid part time job. If interested, jump on the All County website  now and get in touch with them.


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