Umpire to the stars!

So today was fun – umpiring a charity softball game at Riverfront Stadium in Newark New Jersey featuring the globally known Jonas Brothers. Riverfront Stadium is home to the Newark Bears, an independent minor league baseball team, and is a really nice, 6500 seat stadium.  It rained all morning in Livingston and I was surprised when I got the email from Charlie Dowd, the Bears GM, letting me know the game was on. The weather improved as I made the 20 minute drive, and the field was beautiful and in great shape. I brought my good friend Gary Herman as my on field partner, and we brought my daughter, her friend, and Gary’s 4 kids.  The atmosphere was festive, we got to use the umpire locker room, hung out on the field while the teams took batting practice, and did the game.  It was a competitive game with a few interesting plays (3 balls deflected off of gloves over the fence for HR), and had the privelege of being roundly booed by 3000 fans when I called a Jonas team member out at the plate.  All in all a very enjoyable day


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