An umpire blogger who is NOT taking the winter off…

I have really slacked off on my blogging, as I do, I guess, every winter. I received a copy of Jim Evans’ Maximizing The Two Umpire System for Christmas and had planned on using that to jump start my writing. I will still do so but,  for today, wanted to share a blog that I have been reading the past few days: johnperrettaproumpireschool2015.

I came across this on umpire-empire (ump-emp) and it’s great reading. John is blogging about his current on-going experience at The Umpire School in Vero Beach, FL on  day by day basis. It’s only Day 3, so it’s a good time to jump on board and follow the 4 week program.

Thanks very much John – good luck and enjoy the experience!


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