Crazy replay play

Oakland was playing Toronto the other day. The Blue Jays had the bases loaded with one out and hit a ground ball to the 1st baseman (F3), who attempted to tag the runner (R1) going from 1st to 2nd. Umpire Vic Carapazza ruled there was no tag. F3 then threw home and the catcher received the throw on the bag for the easy force out.

What do you think happened next? Toronto manager John Gibbons came out to protest that his R1 was tagged and, therefore, the play at home was a tag play and not a force out and that the run should count. And after a 4+ minute review, they overturned the call, and counted the run.


So the catcher acted on the information that he had (a big safe sign from Carapazza) and made no attempt to tag the runner (who would have been out by 10 feet). Obviously, that’s a hole in the replay rule that has to be fixed. The A’s played the game under protest, but won the game so it was moot.

Here’s the play. You really do see something new every darn day out there.




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