I hate my HSM and will never wear it again

There are plenty of things that I like about the All Star Series 7 2500 umpire mask. I raved about it in this post over on ump-emp. I did however, discover something new yesterday – it doesn’t protect me from getting hit with the baseball.

I bought the helmet with the idea that I would wear it on fields with tight backstops to protect against rebounding balls. I had been hit once last year, and thought that the HSM would do the job. I researched and found that the All Star Series 7 seemed to be the preferred choice, and I bought the lower end 2500 model. Here’s what All Star says about the mask:  The System Seven™ MVP2500 series of masks are recommended for college though youth. 

My regular rig is a Diamond frame with Team Wendy pads, and I have never felt the impact from a face shot. I’ve been hit square-on plenty of times, and my mask just spins and disperses the impact  like its supposed to.

Yesterday I wore the helmet for a Little League game  in Livingston. I was working with my good friend and favorite partner, Gary Herman. There was a just-average pitcher and a batter with a slow-ish swing, and I took a foul ball to the top of the front of the mask. Not a hard shot at all, but it hurt. I felt like the impact pushed the top of the helmet back, which caused the back plate to push into my neck and really rattled me. I switched out between innings, and listed the helmet for sale on umpire-empire.

But I don’t recommend that you buy it.


2 responses

  1. Hockey style masks are terrible….I have never worn one in a game or practice nor do I want to. Just seems like yes lot of plastic but no wear for the energy to go expect on your head and neck. Where did you get your Team Wendy pads from I need to replace my diamond mask pads they suck LOL.

    1. Matt – I won’t go as far as “terrible”…i did love the view, and plenty of people love them. I got my TW’s at ump-attire..get em

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