Have you heard about this? D1 umpire crew suspended…

Earlier this week, a D1 umpire crew from the Sun Belt conference was suspended for three games because “the overall performance of these three umpires did not measure up to this expected level of performance”.  From what I have read, it all stemmed from one call in a 7-1 (at the time) game. Details are in the article linked below, but, during an argument on an overturned play,  University of Louisiana coach Tony Robichaux apparently (according to umpire Don Hudson) inadvertently brushed against home plate umpire Hudson and was ejected, with an automatic 3 game suspension.  A subsequent investigation lead to the umpiring crew being suspended. It seems to me that the relatively benign nature of the incident itself and the fact that  the entire crew was suspended,  points to some lack of honesty or completeness in the post game and ejection reports.  Because if they are suspending the crew for a bad call, we should all go on strike in protest!


Here’s the article:

The Sun Belt Conference on Friday suspended for three games each the three umpiring-crew members who worked the No. 2-ranked UL baseball team’s three-game SBC home series with Texas State last weekend.


And here’s the statement from Sun Belt Conference commissioner Karl Benson”

“The Sun Belt Conference has suspended the three baseball umpires who officiated last weekend’s games between Texas State at UL Lafayette.

“The SBC is committed to ensuring that our game officials – like our coaches and student-athletes – are held to a very high level of performance. 

“In this case and after a thorough review, it is my opinion that the overall performance of these three umpires did not measure up to this expected level of performance.  And as a result, each has been suspended for an upcoming 3-game series.

“The conference will have no further comment regarding this matter.”



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