Lots of stuff this weekend.

A lot of games and a lot of stuff. Called a million balks – mostly, oddly, fakes to first. I know that I have just recently become comfortable with knowing the difference between a jump step and a legal disengage – and I think many umpires fail to call that one (it always comes as a surprise unless you are really focused, and it’s easy to just say “he stepped off”) and pitchers don’t really learn it until they get called.  I also had an obstruction of a runner coming around 3rd who was thrown at at home – that’s a nice high profile call. I had a catchers obstruction (CI). I had two kids in one game swing at pitches that hit them.  One over the fence HR. One extra inning game. And I had a pitcher drilled in the chest with a rocket line drive back through the box – it knocked him down and he left the game, but the coach sent me a note last night indicating that he is OK.

A few negatives –  I probably missed a batters interference (a right handed batter struck out and walked to the 1st base dugout as the catcher was attempting to throw out R1 stealing. I didn’t watch the batter  – add that to my list of things to get better at –  and the coach and catcher both complained. The throw looked true but that doesn’t matter).  I also thought about but didn’t call two force play slide rule violations in that same game.  Runner slides low to break up double play, probably NOT directly at base. Good baseball plays and no one was looking for anything, but probably needs to be enforced in FED.  And my timing has been a little quick on the bases this year.

That’s it



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