2014 in full swing..

After a slow, rain and snow filled March, my 2014 season is up and running.

I’ve been fortunate enough to get a handful of varsity baseball this year, and, as we already know – the better they are, the easier they are.  I find the biggest difference, and the one that makes higher level ball easier to call, is that the batters swing at strikes. I’ve had way fewer borderline pitches to call, because the batters are swinging at them. It makes a huge difference. By contrast, I had a U13 50/70 game the other day, with probably 2 dozen beautiful pitches to hit just above the letters and maybe a bit off the plate that I had to call, one way or the other. I heard both catchers in the dugout moaning that I had a better zone for the other team. I probably should have had a bigger zone for both.

Softball today, a mix of high school, travel and rec over the weekend, and away we go.

And, in case you need a refresher, here’s one from the archives:

Obstruction vs Interference

Here’s a very brief explanation of obstruction vs interference as it relates to baseball and softball rules:





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