2 great games, 4 great pitchers

So regular season HS games started this week and I had 2 great games. The 1st one was really great, because it was over in an hour and a half. Two public high schools with good programs. Home team won 2-1 on a beautiful field on a beautiful day. Both starting pitcher were great, and probably gave up 6 hits between the two of them. I think there was one walk. And a bunch of great pitches. A lot of fun, everybody was nice – a great way to start.

My 2nd game, last night, was between two smaller private schools, and was an almost-equally great game*. Home team won 1-0 in the bottom of the 10th. Both starting pitchers were really good and each went 6 innings. I assumed we’d get a run when the 2nd pitchers came in, and we did – 4 innings later.   In this one, the pitchers were way ahead of the hitters. The kids on both sides took way too many strikes, all over the zone. And they were badly over matched with a 2 strike count.  We had a couple of innings where they should have scored and didn’t, including a successful missed base appeal that killed a rally. A very enjoyable couple of games.


* Only downside was that it went 3 hours – but that wasn’t even such a downside.


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