FED Rules – starting or ending the game with less than 9 players

As the High School season approaches, I’m trying to get FED rules down as much as possible. The obvious goal is to know every rule that might come up as well as or better than anyone else involved in the game.  So I’ll be using Carl Childress’ books and site, stevetheump.com, and my good old rule book to make some notes on what I don’t know, and do my best to learn. Here’s one that I just grabbed from www.nbua.com:

It is a forfeit if a team cannot start a game with nine players or finish the game with at least
eight players. If a team is reduced to playing with eight players, during the course of the
game, it can return to nine players to finish the game (2007 rule change). An out shall be
called each time the empty spot in the batting order comes to bat. NFHS 4-4-1f.

I never really thought about playing a HS game with less than 9 – but now I know.


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