Umpire Interference in Baseball

I had my 1st umpire interference this weekend.

There are two (only) occurrences, specifically covered in the rules, that are considered umpire interference in baseball. If an umpire is hit by a batted ball, before that ball has passed an infielder (other than the pitcher), and if no other player has an opportunity to make a play on it, that’s umpire interference. Dead ball,  the batter is awarded first base, and all other runners advance only if forced.

I had the other kind. I was at Blackbrook Park (of course), in Whippany. Little kids on a big diamond. I had an inexperienced (I assume) catcher and, on a steal, he kind of took a step back and we tangled feet. Delayed dead ball, and, when the runner was safe, I killed the play and put him back on first.  I’m sure that in a tight spot in a big game, that’s a brutal call to have to make. In this case, they loved me for taking responsibility. And everyone knew he would steal on the next pitch anyway.

Not much else going on this weekend baseball, so my 1st case of umpire interference was the big event!



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