Three pitch inning!

The holy grail! What a week. First the 8 yr old Madison finals with H. Mike Yar and tonight,  the ultimate umpire experience…the man in blue’s perfect game…the three pitch inning!

I’ll set the scene: Tom Cooney’s 11 yr old summer team at the Livingston American League field against a very good team from Clark. Close game, 5-3 Clark,  bottom of the 4th. Livingston looking to get some momentum going.

Pitch 1 – easily fielded grounder to 3rd, throw to 1st. 1 away

Pitch 2 – easy two hopper to short, throw to 1st, 2 down

Pitch 3 – grounder to short. Pitcher tries to reach for it but, thank the lord, misses alltogether, shortstop fields,  bobbles slightly, and then fires a strike. Not even close.  Three pitches, three outs. Stole an inning!

(but then they stole it back plus one when they went into extras. It all works out in the end)

By the way, I just read this:

What is rarer, a triple play or a three pitch inning?

Three-pitch innings would be more rare. I cannot get precise figures for the triple plays, but I can offer a reasonable response. Since 1901, there have been 131 three-pitch innings on record. I have been able to determine that from 2000-2006, there were 24 triple plays in the major leagues. Extrapolating from that, you would have about 392 triple plays from 1901-1999. So that would be 416 triple plays from 1901 to 2006. Even allowing for such things as better equipment, better fielders, faster infields and so forth, you are still going to have far fewer three-pitch innings.


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