Big ups to Eli!

This has nothing to with umpiring or even baseball – and everything to do with a great kid doing something really cool. My good friend Jon Friedman’s son Eli   – 15 years old – writes for a basketball blog called thehoopstradamus. I’ve known Eli for a long time. He’s the same age as my daughter, is a member of the field crew at the Little League field where I umpire a lot, and has been a better basketball player than his father for at least 3 years. But who knew he was a talented writer?  I’m not a pro basketball fan (other than a brief dose of  Linsanity) but I do know that the The Oklahoma Thunder – Eli’s team – is in the NBA  finals, giving Eli a ton of exposure. Today’s post covers last night’s game 1. And I heard a rumor that Eli will be travelling to Miami to cover games 3 and 4 in person! Pretty cool. Eli joins Sydney Becker as kids who’s writing ability really amazes me. Go writers!


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