Bad day…

I had 4 games yesterday and I may have lost my sharpness by game 4. The coaches and the crowd over at the Morristown National Little League sure thought so. I will not go into all of the details, but I had a playoff game and there were three calls that came at crucial points in the game…and I’m not sure I got any of them right..or I may have gotten all of them right.  But either way, the coahes and, especially, the crowd, were outraged and let me know it.  There are a bunch of people convinced this weekend that I cost their kid a chance to play in a championship game, and I feel bad about that. That’s the bad part of this great part time job.


2 responses

  1. If you’re not sure you got the calls right, you need to reflect on what you did wrong to be unsure. Bad positioning? Bad timing? Anticipating the play incorrectly?

    Forget what the fans think — if you’d made the calls the other way, you’d still have someone yelling at you for being wrong. However, if *you* think you might have missed them, then it’s possible you did.

  2. Andrew – thanks for reading and commenting. Maybe too many games that day!

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