“He has the right to the basepath”

You know how much I respect the baseball programs in Morristown, across the board. I had back to back real good games at Burnham, not withstanding one silly coach incident in today’s game. I called a fairly straightforward interference on a runner going from 2nd to 3rd who interfered with the SS. The coach came out telling me that “he has the right to the basepath”. I informed him that that was incorrect, and he said “The runner doesn’t have the right to the basepath?!!” like it was the most rediculous thing thing he ever heard. Then I got home to an email from him telling me that I “blew the call” and he cite a rule that talked about intent being required when interfering with a field waiting for a THROWN ball. And then, richly, he tod me that he umps too. Here’s his final (maybe) email: Paul.. Once again LL rules are left to interpretation and umpire judgment.  And yes I do umpire as well.  There was no intent and the runner was past the ball and the fielder ran into him while in the baseline.


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