Calling a balk

See a balk, call a balk

I have to get better at calling a balk, plain and simple. I think I’ve gotten to where I recognize the balk in most cases, but I have been reluctant to pull the trigger. It’s the weakest part of my game, and it really distresses me.  Anyone can do the easy stuff – strikes and balls, safes and outs. But if I can’t call a balk, I’m not worth my fee. I will put some of the blame on the fact that in many of my big field games (and I still to as many 46/60 games as i do bigger field), we are warning pitchers, and the level of play is so bad that everyone just wants the game moving along. That’s a piss poor excuse, I know…so I take it back.

I just have to get better at calling balks, plain and simple.


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