Catchers’ Interference, Regular Interference, and (not) coaches interference

Interference all over the place

I had both catchers interference and a pretty critical runner interference today (not sure if they were in the same game or in two games of the doubleheader). The CI has easy…ball rolled foul. I (again) called a deadball, which was appropriate because the ball was obviously rolling and staying foul – but i think i might have called deadball even if the ball was in play. I have to get past that. The runner interference came late in the game and killed a rally. It was pretty obvious, and i was a little slow to recognize it, but I got it. And (since this was baseball and not softball), there was not a peep from any of the coaches except to tell there kids that the call was right.  Finally, I ignored a coaches interference in a little league minors game. Every other pitch was a passed ball so every runner on 1st pretty much automatically ended up on 2nd. One one passed ball the coach tapped his runner to wake him up and tell him to go to 2nd.  aybe it makes me a bad ump – but i really didnt want to be the center of attention in a 9 yr old rec game.


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