I have questions after every single game

or at least 90% of them. It’s like writing down your dreams (at least thats what they say) – once you start paying attention, you see more and more stuff. The weekend I:

 – didn’t call interference on a high pop up by 1st where the runner on 1st and the 1B briefly bumbed w/out any real effect on the fielders ability to get under the ball and fild it. I wished I had called it – but the general consensus on www.umpire-empire.com  is that I should only call it if I judge that the fielder’s ability to make the play is interfered with…that one is slippery

  – i did call a batters interference on a play where there was a runner on 2B only and ball4 to the batter…the ball skipped to the 1st base sign a bit, and the runner ran and the batter runner on his way to 1st interfered with the catcher’s ability to make the throw..i have yet to research this one

  – dead ball area. I realized that I dont have a good handle on a catch and carry into DBT in FED or in OBR. I hope to work on that one at some point today


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