A coach, a player, AND an umpire!

I had 2 baseball games today, and one of the baseball coaches acted like a softball coach! (You know I’m kidding a little – but it’s generally the girls coaches who say crazy things).

I called an infield fly (u12 boys 50/70 field travel teams) on a pretty obvious ball. Nice and high and between the mound and the 1st base line. The ball fell uncaught. There were runners on 1st and 2nd. As soon as i called it, the 3rd base coach said “you don’t have to go”.  The runner from 2nd listened – the runner from 1st did not and was tagged coming back to the base.  After the inning the 1st base coach (who, in retrospect, was probably embarassed that the runner on his base was put out) comes to me and says. “I’m a player AND and umpire – and in order for there to be an infield fly, the infielder has to be camped under it”.   I pondered:

“Coach, that’s the most rediculous thing I ever heard”

“Are you a good player, at least”

“Maybe in Horse Ball, coach”

But I settled on, “I never even heard that one coach”

The, clasically, I heard him on his cell starting with “Hey Joe…the infield fly rule…” It was a relatively short call and I didnt hear much from him after that. I shook his hand on the way out and gave him the opportunity to admit his foolishness, but he didn’t bite.

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