A place to buy umpire gear in Morris County

A local place to buy umpire equipment

Buying umpire equipment, here in Morris County NJ (where there is an umpire-officiated game everywhere you look, every day from april to october),  should be easier than it is. There should be one big store, that has ALL of the chest protectors, and masks, and leg guards  available to try on. You would think that with so many officials across so many sports, a centrally located spot would make money. Any angel investors out there?

In the meanwhile, I get much of my gear from MCM Sports Apparel.  Run by a fellow, multi-sport official, MCM provides umpire gear  and apparel in Morris County and all of NJ. He carries stuff from a lot of the major suppliers and has very competitive prices – and will deliver your stuff for free in the local area!   And he’s espcially good for guys just starting out  – he’ll put together a well-priced umpire starter package for you that will take into account the level of baseball or softball that you will be working,  heep you protected, but not kill you on price.

But I really want to open that big, umpire super-center.  The Umpire Emporium. No..that’s too sport-specific.  I’ll work on the name while waiting for an investor.


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