The unwritten rules of baseball

We were talking the other day about the unwritten rules of baseball, and most of them have to do with etiquette between teams. When to stop running. When to start swinging a little more freely. But a few of baseball’s unwritten rules do cross over to umpiring. I think most us acknowledge that a team up 10 might find the strike zone a bit bigger, and that’s nowhere in the rules. Cretainly we might ignore a balk or 2 (or 30) depending on the situation. But, for me, the unwritten rule of baseball that comes into play the most is that interaction between the catcher and the umpire when one of them takes a ball to the body. As they get older, the catchers learn the etiquette. They apologize when one gets you. The more seasoned ones will trot out to the mound. Likewise, I will brush off the plate and adjust my mask. We are brothers in the struggle back there and share a mutual respect. So that’s my personal take on the unwritten rules of baseball.


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