Recap 2011

2011 is just about done – maybe one more game this coming weekend, maybe not. It was a full year – I did a lot of games, and took on 2 new sports! I took the volleyball class and passed the test (i think that was 2011 – sorry for the inaccuracy if it was not) but did not complete the required apprentice games. I will not pursue HS volleyball for now, but have done a good handful of recreational and youth travel volleyball games and I hope to do more of the youth games next year. And I am currently completing the soccer class, and will take that test next week. Again, I have absolutely no desire to do varsity soccer ever, but the class is a must for the rules and the contacts. I’ll talk more about soccer in another post (I am a terrible soccer ref), but I did a bunch of games and some were enjoyable. If I do any HS soccer at all next year, it will be freshman girls.

But it was a great baseball year. I did very little softball, and have less and less desire to do softball at all. I’m sure I will embrace it soon enough, but, for now, I can still get around pretty good on the big field with the big kids, and I love it. I did a bunch of good JV and Freshman games, some really enjoyable little league post season stuff, some relaxing (almost too relaxing) 50/70 ball. Very little problems. A lot of games with my good friend Gary Herman. One ejection. One game where they called me a bum and a cheater. Good times, good times.

So now I look forward to a few months off. A new mask. Maybe a new CP. And then the spring…

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