A Bum and a Cheater

That’s what they called me today  U16 baseball. Scheduled for 7 innings on a field witn no working lights.  As the sun went down, the home team came up in the bottom of the 6th, down 4 to 0.  Very smooth game with no issues – I have the plate. The home team scores 4 runs to tie in an inning that had two pitching changes and took a long time.  After the tying run scored, a couple of parents on the home sideline and kids in the dugout were saying that there was only one out – my partner and I each had two. The home coach was coaching 3rd and no one on the home side was keeping a book. I called time, asked the home dugout if they had a book and when they did not I asked the visitors if they had a book. They said yes and they had 2 outs. It was getting dark. The last kid got up and struck out and we called it for darkness and a tie.  As we walked off the field (through the home parents of course, they were calling us (me I guess) bums and cheaters and telling us to take our $50 and go buy beer with it. 

People are crazy!

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