Do we ever get them right??

I’m watching a little league regional final and there was a ball hit out in front of the plate and the ump got the call obviously wrong (the ball hit the catcher in fair territory and the ump called it foul – and maybe the batter/runner interfered with the catchers attempt to catch the ball too). The point is, they (and we) are wrong more than we’d like to admit. Even with 3 other umps in that might hav eseen it, they got this one wrong. I find myself screened a lot (less and less as I get more experienced, but there are still plemty of times when i am guessing a litle and could easily be wrong).

I’m not saying we are bad umps – I’m saying that its a hard game to officiate. As much as you try to make sure you can get ia good view, you get blocked out in a second.

That’s all I’m saying.

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