2 man mechanics clinic

Last night a attended the 1st night of a 2-man umpire clinic in Parsippany NJ put on by the NJSAB. The lead instructor was Mike Cerra, who’s got some pretty good D1 credentials. He had the plate for St Johns VS Seton hall a few weeks ago.  Initially I was a bit disappointed in the “basic” level of what we are covering, but then it got pretty good. We covered situations that I have been unsure of and I got some good reinforcement on some points that I probably havent paid enough attention to. Specifically:

 – Go out on trouble flies in your area of responsinilty when you are in A. Why not???

 – Signal more often to remind each other who’s got what. We all signal the infield fly, but the other day my partner and I both made call at 3rd – because we hadn’t signaled

 – positioning at the plate – agian, just good to hear what I have been trying to follow.

I love to ump!

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