Tossed my 1st coach

After 5 or 6 years and probably 500 games…tossed my 1st coach. I as in the 5th inning of my second game (after working all day).  Good clean game although terribly played. U14. No problems at all. Then, I give the count on one batter (3-1) and the coach asks me check with my partner on the count. I do and he comes up 3-1. As the next picth is coming in I hear them grumbling that he fouled one off – but the kid got a hit. A few batter later, I gave the wrong count (things happen). The coach when ballsitic – went from nothing to “not another word coach” to “I’m not leaving” in 2 seconds.  My very experienced partner was great and it diffused pretty quickly – but there it was.


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