Foul tip is a live ball

You knew that, right? And, also, the only true foul tip is a caught foul tip – `anything else is a just a foul ball. In fact, a foul tip is really nothing but a glorified strike. 

So a foul tip is a live ball, but very few coaches and players realize that – certainly anything below varsity.  It’s fun for me when there is a play that involves some action after a foul tip (like a steal attempt) – I know it’s coming, and I like the teaching moment. Today’s went like this:

Runner on 3rd. Foul tip. Delayed steal attemp at home and they got the kid out. After the inning, a coach of the then-offensive team siddles over and says

 “From over there I though he tipped it”

“he did”

“well then shouldnt…”

“foul tip’s a live ball coach”


“ all levels coach”

“not just on strike three?”

“no coach”


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