Very nice moment

I had a game the other day that was terrible. Neither team was very good – over matched by the big field. 13 year olds, and young ones at that.  Long cold game. But it had a moment.

A big strong kid got up and was caught looking (clasically) by a very good curve. The kid froze, started to back out, and the realized what was going on last second. He walked away saying “that was a great curve”. He continued to talk about it throughout the next inning. Later, the pitcher who threw the curve was set to lead off an inning at the kid who struck out called him over to, once again, acknowledge the great curve. The pitcher beamed at the fact that this kid was acknowledging his picth and said “It was definetly the best curve I ever threw”. It was just a very nice moment to see the kid who struck out genuinelly inpressed by and happy for the pitcher who struck him out – very honest and open. By high school ball, you’re not seeing that so much…


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