I got my game in

and,  of course, loved it. Had the field for Seton Hall Prep JV against Randolph, and it was one of the easier games that I’ve had. My partner called a great strike zone and the game moved along as well as it could – Seton Hall won 10-1 in 7 innings. The only tag play I had was a steal of 2nd in the 1st inning where the fielder tagged the runner 3 feet in front of the base – was practically running into the dugout and tagged the kid for out #3 on the way. I had one close play, at 1st on a DP attempt, but I had him clearly safe. And that was it. I rasied voice on a couple of pickups and a foul ball/dead ball in the box just to keep myself in the game. 3 over the fence home runs made it interesting at least. All in all glad the rain dance failed.


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