Checking bats in high school

So I finally made it a point to get comfortable checking bats – thanks in part to my partner in todays game. Sadly, must umps that I work with still skip the bat check. And the new bat rules for 2011 dorequire the umps to pay a little more attention. Until last week, I paid no attention to the new rule and only checked for BESR.  The I did a bit or research and found out that its relatively simple. Composite barrel bats are illegal in 2011 except for the few that are listed on the NFHS web site.  For some reason this page lists different lengths as separate bats, but there’s a simler list out there. I’ve reduced that list and i use it to check bats. I was confused about the difference between all composite and hybrid, but the bats seem to be clearly marked. So I think its just a matter, at least in 2011, of identifying the all composte bats that are on my simple little list.


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