Cleaning out the trunk

Finally done. Right around 175 games – pretty near capacity. If you take out the month of  August, when nobody’s playimg, I guess I averaged right around a game a day. All shpes and sizes.  The big majority were boys 9-12, small field solo. Next were girls, same age group. A bunch of high school age big field and a few mens slow pitch. And the Jonas Brothers, of course. All in all a great year. I think I’m finally getting a little better. I feel like I improved the most in getting into a good position for tag plays and seeing the play a lot better and guessing a whole lot less. I get a little better at recognizing calls each year, but still let a few get by me. My zone was good more often that not, but I hd a few rough patches. Really a good year in terms of working consitions (good weather all year – very few rainouts; lots and lots of local games).  Now a few months off, and at it again. I can’t wait


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