Nobody knows the rules.  The rules are hard – you don’t just know them by watching baseball your whole life. Or playing. So when we become unpires, we are often surprised right away at the rules. When i took my 1st on line umpire test – just something that I googled – and quit after 10 questions.  My response was to make sure I got a rule book,  found an umpire forum, and – pretty much every day since – tried to learn as much as I can.  My motivation was simple – I don’t ever want to be embarassed out there.

Here’s all I say – too many of my bretheren do not feel the same way.


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  1. You are so right. That’s why I created this website. Just touches on a few rules that coaches usually don’t quite understand. I hope the coaches can learn something from reading this, and more importanly make my life easier when I ump their games! But I think it’s also not a good resource for umpires to review some potentially stickier topics.

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